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    • Accounting Sheet for the Bark Sonoma 

      Laban Howes (1882-08-14)
      [1882-08-14; “Shipping / Expenses of a Voyage - San Fran to Liverpool & Back, Aug 1882.pdf”; this, no doubt by Laban Howes:]
    • Bark Sonoma 

      Unknown (Dennis Historical Society Inc., Undated)
    • Bill from Baker and Humphrey for outfitting Bark Sonoma 

      Baker and Humphrey (1868-06-17)
      [1868-06-17; “Shipping / 4 – Owners of Bark Sonoma, 1869.pdf”; a tabulation of outfitting charges and credits associated with Bark Sonoma, in a/c with Baker & Humphrey of Boston, commencing 17 June 1868 to 5 Jany 1869.]
    • Bill of Sale for the Bark Sonoma 

      Custom House Boston (1881-04-07)
      [1881-04-07; “Shipping / 7 – Bill of Sale, Bark Sonoma, April 1881.pdf”:] “…I, J. B. Branch of Providence in the state of Rhode Island owner of one thirty-second of the bark… Sonoma of Boston… of 1063 13/100 tons… [for ...
    • Certificate of Ownership for Bark Sonoma 

      Collector of Customs - Port of Boston (1869-01-06)
      [1869-01-06; “ Shipping / 8 – Certificate of Ownership of Bark Somona,1882.pdf”; this is part of the file, see 1882-05-08 for the remainder. Registration of the Sonoma, Certificate No. 23683, letter code J.F.W.D. Owners ...