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    • Clipping from Independent-Journal Featuring Cranberry Harvesting 

      Martha G. Morrow (1966-11-17)
      Clipping from Independent-Journal, Thurs., 17 Nov 1966, with a photo of cranberries being harvested on a bog, not named, using mechanical pickers. With this is a rather extensive article by a Martha G. Morrow, “Today’s ...
    • Essay Entitled: "Blackfish!" 

      Unknown (Undated)
      Typed five-page essay entitled: "Blackfish!" Concerns the incident when Dennis fishermen and villagers stood up to Portuguese crewmen, insisting upon their rights to the blackfish catch in Cape Cod Bay
    • Scrapes of Two Letters in the Same Hand, Probably that of Minerva Crowell 

      Minerva Crowell (Dennis Historical Society Inc., 1912-xx-03)
      Scraps of two letters, both are cut off and have parts missing. The scraps are in the same hand, probably that of Minerva Crowell. The first page of the scrap is crossed out with a large "X"