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    • Asst. Letters – Prince Howes to Alexander Howes – Oct. 22, 1818 

      Prince Howes (Dennis Historical Society Inc., 1818-10-22)
      Asst. Letters – Prince Howes to Alexander Howes – Oct. 22, 1818.pdf; folded letter addressed to Capt Alexander Howes, Augusta. Letter pertains to shipment. of salt belonging to the heirs of Judah Howes.
    • Document Pertaining to the Lyceum Hall 

      Unknown author (Dennis Historical Society Inc., 1865-06-05)
      Two sheets folded into eight pages, sewn together. The document pertains to the Lyceum Hall and has a revenue stamp on the first page
    • Folded Sheet with Academy Hall Accounts and Notes 

      Unknown author (Undated)
      Folded sheet with Academy Hall accounts on the front and tallies and other notes on the back
    • Letter to Susie S. Howes 

      Prince Howes (Dennis Historical Society Inc., 1886-05-30)
      Personal Letter from Prince Howes to Susie S. Howes; no envelopes
    • List of Owned Shares 

      Unknown (Undated)
      A list of shares owned, it is on the letterhead of: "Calvin C. Howes, Dennis, Mass"
    • List of Shareholders of Carleton Hall 

      Unknown (Undated)
      List of shareholders of Carleton Hall, it is an old document - written probably before 1900
    • List of Shares in the Academy Hall Building 

      Unknown (Dennis Historical Society Inc., 1865-02-27)
      List of shares in the Academy Hall building - where the undersigned agree to take additional shares or new stock. The document has a revenue stamp and consists of three sheets of paper with entries on either side. Most, ...
    • Postcard to C. Hall 1885 

      Prince Howes (Dennis Historical Society Inc., 1885-04-03)
      Postcard, postmarked Lynn to Mr Charles Hall, United States Hotel, Boston
    • Scrap of Paper with a Receipt and other Notations 

      Nathan Stone (1769-08-18)
      A scrap with a receipt on one side and other notations