Above Photo: Graded School 1897. Beginning not long after the first settlements, schools were held in private homes. In 1693, the town, then Yarmouth, was divided into 5 districts (called squadrons), with 3 out of 5 of them located in what is now Dennis. By 1825 there were at least 13 one-room schools in the various Villages of Dennis; their locations have been identified on the 1858 map of Dennis. By 1860 the concept of the graded schoolhouse was extant; five of them were built - one in each village – Dennis Port, West Dennis, South Dennis, North Dennis and East Dennis. Each of these schoolhouses had primary, intermediate and grammar classes within the one building. At that time there were no formal high schools, however, most villages had private "Academies" which served the purpose. High Schools arrived by 1890; Dennis North High School, and Dennis South High School. Around 1920 the high schools were combined into a single High School, Dennis High School. DHS was held in the various graded schools, rotating around the town; the last location was in the South Dennis Graded Schoolhouse (upstairs). DHS existed until 1930. All the schools were abandoned for Dennis Consolidated School (now called Ezra Baker) in 1931, the same year Dennis also abandoned DHS sending all their high school students to Yarmouth High School (John Simpkins) on a tuition basis. This continued until 1958 when Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School opened. Around 1969, Nathaniel Wixon Middle School was built.

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