H & H Sears Company building - In 1850 Seth Sears went into partnership with him, enlarging the business by the purchase of six new vessels for fishing and coast trade. A general store was opened at the wharf by this firm, and about the same time Eben Howes built and opened a store, which H. H. Sears & Co. now occupy. In 1852 Nathan Sears became a partner with Kelley & Sears, and the business was further increased, they having at one time thirteen vessels in mackerel and cod fishing and the coasting trade. Seth Sears died in 1857, and the remaining partners soon after purchased the store of Eben Howes and transferred their stock to it from the store at the wharf. In 1875 they sold to H. H. and Paul F. Sears, who continue to deal in coal, lumber, grain, flour and general merchandise, as long ago established, the heavy articles being kept at the wharf and the lighter at the store. Mr. Kelley brought the first coal by vessel in 1851, and the coal yard of the present firm is an important factor of their trade. The same may be consistently said of the lumber yard established in 1852. The present firm of H. H. Sears & Co. run a fine vessel in their own coasting trade. In 1849 Barnabas Sears kept store for Paul Sears for a short time. Three stores were supplying the people in 1889, kept by H. H. Sears & Co., James S. Howes, and David H. Sears, jr. Printed from History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts edited by Simeon L. Deyo. 1890. New York: H. W. Blake & Co CHAPTER XVIII. pages 507-577 TOWN OF DENNIS.

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