Captain Joshua Sears - At ten years of age he chose the profession in which in after life he so greatly excelled. He was mate at the age of twenty-three, and at thirty, in 1847, was in command of the Burmah—his first ship. His ambition was to command the best ships, and his scrupulous neatness on board, and conscientious preservation of any property entrusted to his care, enabled him to choose his vessels. He was engaged entirely in foreign voyages, visiting the East Indies nineteen times, and often touching at China and the Sandwich islands. His experience of nearly forty years on the sea was more extensive and responsible in its nature than most of his contemporaries. His many long voyages had dangers, but his careful command insured crew, ship, and cargo against accident and loss. Copied from: History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts edited by Simeon L. Deyo. 1890. New York: H. W. Blake & Co CHAPTER XVIII. pages 507-577 TOWN OF DENNIS.

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