Prince S. Crowell and Polly Dillingham Foster Crowell. During the lifetime of Prince S. Crowell, after retiring from the sea and its business, he was actively engaged in many pursuits. He started, with others, the first salt mill at Boston; was the agent and largely interested in building up and managing the Pacific Guano works, at Woods Holl, and at Charleston, S. C; was the president of and prime mover in the company for building the Woods Holl railroad; and president of the Cape Cod National and Cape Cod Savings banks. He was an ardent republican in every sense of the term, but declined political trusts. He preferred his social and business relations, and in these was conspicuous. He largely assisted in establishing the Lecture Association of East Dennis. In his views and with his means he was proverbially liberal, leaving to his name never decaying monuments. History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts Edited by Simeon L. Deyo. 1890. New York: H. W. Blake & Co HAPTER XVIII. pages 507-577 TOWN OF DENNIS.

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